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Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems do you provide?

All of our servers come with our own custom version of Windows 2012. Optimized for higher performance. 

What type of speed could I increase my internet speed to by investing in your service?

All our servers come with 3Gbit network port ranging from 150mbps up to a full 900Mbps depending on network traffic conditions and your server package. Starter and Premium run at up to 300mbps while above to EXTREME and MONSTER  / BEAST will see up to 400-800mbps and Lightning and above up to 800-1000mbps.

Is your service month to month and can I cancel whenever I would want?

Our services are month to month.

When will I be able to access the server?

You will get an email when it is online and ready which should be within 1 to 24 hours.

Is the server only for Windows?

The server is compatible on any platform as long as you have a remote desktop client installed. Our servers are able to be used on both your home Windows computer and Apple.

Do I need to use proxies?

You’re required to use proxies on the server for all Nike, footsites, etc. 

Can I get a Custom Package?

Absolutely, Just open a ticket and we can give you a quote for whatever suits your needs.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. We provide a monthly service. You have the option to cancel your service at any time. Receipt of payment provisions monthly service. All Payments to eBotServers.com / eBotServers LLC / "EBS" Are Final and Non-Refundable. By purchasing a product or service from this website, Twitter or our website system you agree to our Terms of Service

What does your service do exactly?

Our servers are letting our customers run their bot software at very high rate of speed due to our performance-centric high-speed servers and hardware which are custom built. We also offer our in-house Windows 2012 eBotServers Edition which overclocks your windows and drastically reduces bot lag. This allows our customers to have drastically higher success chances than using a computer.

What speeds are your servers?

Our servers are all on 1Gbit port speeds... Starter and Premium run at up to 300mbps while above to EXTREME and above will see around 900-950mbps. The main factor in success is our high-speed hardware which your Windows 2012 and your bot is installed on. Our top-of-the-line processors, paired with the latest blazing DDR Memory, and quad-channel SSD RAID-10 drives and modified Windows system deals a high grade of speed boost to your bot to push it to the limits to fully utilize its speed potential.

CPU Cores and power? What is this?

Depending on what package you purchase, the server comes with a set amount of CPU cores, those CPU cores determine how fast the server can run and perform tasks. Since most bots are multi threaded the higher CPU the faster the bot runs. Most computers can not perform as well as a server.

Which server is a good server?

Our plans MONSTER and above will work better with great results for limited releases. We recommend 16 GB or more for full performance power.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in an ultra high speed datacenter in New York and Virginia which has a direct network line to the two Global Internet Hubs allowing low latency between the Chicago / NY / Virginia area. All of our IP addresses are US IP's so this setup gives our customers the edge and best advantage in their purposes for their bot software.

How do your servers help? What is different from your servers compared to others?

We provide custom enhancements, modifications, overclocks, and hacks to our in-house Windows 2012 eBotServers Edition which provides the edge over all other solutions out there. Our servers are hand built and we have put a lot of research and development to provide a special overclocked version of Windows 2012 that is bench-marked far faster than a normal Windows 2012 server. For this reason, our customers have seen a level of unseen success and they are able to achieve their goals and dreams due to our special custom servers.

How do I use my bot on your servers?

When you order your server you will get an email with your server IP address and username and password. You will use this information to connect to your server using the Remote Desktop application. Once you log in, you will be presented with your server's desktop. Simply open Google Chrome, and log into your e-mail and find the email with your bot download instructions. Once you download the bot and install it, you're all set and your bot will be installed on your server. It's just as easy to install on our server as it is to install on your own computer.